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Out and about in Bonn

Ryan finally gets some German food and beer.

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I was beginning to wonder if I would ever see anything in Bonn besides my apartment and the T-Mobile buildings. Today was the day. I went out after work with a former US T-Mobile co-worker that is now here in Germany. We wandered through the Bonn city center. What an amazing place!! It was blocks and blocks of town center with cobble stone streets, churches, shops, restaurants, and bars. For those who haven't been to Europe (like me) it was exactly what I pictured in my head as a town center. Weather today was warm and there were a lot of people out roaming the streets.

David took me on a tour of the town center and showed me the train and bus stations near the square. After wandering through the shops and bakeries, we decided it was timer for a few beers and some good German food. We stopped at a popular beer haus and feasted. We both had Schnitzel, spaetzle, and beer. It was exactly what I was looking for on my first day out on the town. It was great to hang out with David and get his insight into life in Germany as an American.

I am looking forward to planning my first weekend trip soon, now that I am getting settled in.

Off to bed now.

Till next time.

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Watch out Germany!! I am here.

Jet lag can be brutal.

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I have been internet challenged for the first few days after my arrival, but I am back in business.

After flying into Frankfurt on Monday night and a quick night's stay in an "older" hotel, it was time to drive with my new boss (Thomas) into the office for my first day at work. Thomas tells me that it is a 20 minute train ride into Bonn from Frankfurt, but he prefers the 1 hour drive each way. Wasn't sure why until we got into his 530 BMW and hopped on the Autobahn. While there were the occasional speed limit sign that were strictly enforced, outside of that we were free to make our way as fast as we thought necessary. So I can honestly say that I have never commuted to work at 130 mph (210 km/h). I don't think we dipped below 100 mph for much of the trip. Quite an experience. Can't wait to get behind the wheel myself. Yikes. Because of the strict laws around driving, people actually understand that the left lane of the highway is the fast lane. Makes a world of difference. We had to move out of the lane on several occasions because 110mph was too slow for traffic, we got passed once like we were standing still...had to be 150 mph or more.

Anyway...made it .to work safely and dove into my first day of work. Jet lag is a brutal force that cannot be ignored. I thought I could suck it up, but about 2pm I could have crawled under my desk and slept for the night. Mercifully, Thomas took me grocery shopping and to my apartment by 4pm. I slept like a rock for 10 hours. A thing of beauty. I think one more good night of sleep will get me close to caught up.

I have to start my travel plans for Easter. We have a 4 day weekend from work. I may try to take the train into Paris for a few days. I will need to get some guidance from my co-workers on the local sites as well. Hopefully, I will have more details in my next post. We have had beautiful spring weather so far, I hope it continues. Looks like Bonn is about a month behind Seattle this year for spring weather. So I suppose I will make the spring allergy season here as well.

Jet lag is striking again. I hope to have more exciting news to share next time.

Greetings from Germany!

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The Day Has Finally Arrived.

Germany here I come!

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I managed to fit my entire life into 3 suitcases and a carry-on. I am sitting in the British Airways lounge waiting for my 7:30pm flight. Most of the stress is gone now.....closed up at work, all packed, kissed my beautiful wife goodbye, now all I have to worry about is work on Tuesday. Haven't slept well in the last two weeks, so I am betting I will be out cold for most of the flight to London. Unfortunately, I have a 5 hour layover before I catch my flight to Frankfurt. BA strike timing was perfect.

I am really looking forward to settling in Bonn and getting up to speed at my new job. Once I get settled in, the search is on for weekend adventures.

Auf Wiedersehen

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Plans Finalized

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Finally got my flights settled with British Airways (they are striking this weekend)

My official travel dates are:

Leaving the US - March 21, 2010
Returning - July 3, 2010

Hopefully this blog will give a good insight into my travels while I am in Europe.

As I get settled in, I will start posting regularly with updates for travel plans and pictures from my adventures. I am hoping to meet up with several different friends while I travel and meet some new folks along the way.

Feel free to comment and make any suggestions to ideas you would like to see covered in this forum.

All I need to do now is pack without forgetting anything critically important.

Wish me luck.

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Getting Started

Countdown to Germany

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Here is the first entry in my travel blog. I will be living in Bonn, Germany for 3 months starting in late March while on assignment for T-Mobile. Working hard during the week in Bonn and doing my best to travel all over Europe during the weekends and holidays.

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